Rose Carson LLP was founded on a simple premise: personal service and attention to detail take priority. What this means, is that our clients come first. We emphasize strategic planning and comprehensive legal analysis and are committed to maintaining a limited clientele which allows for both quality legal work and maximum accessibility for our clients. We also utilize state-of-the-art specialized immigration technologies to improve efficiency and communications throughout all stages of case processing.

From federal compliance to the hiring of foreign professionals, our strategic counseling allows corporate human resources professionals and legal staff to focus on other issues while ensuring that personnel and staffing needs are met in a timely and competitive manner. Through a combination of detailed practice materials and thoughtful analysis, we offer a comprehensive approach to corporate immigration issues.

More than ever, corporate competitiveness depends on effectively leveraging global knowledge and talent. In an era where contracts are often won by the bidder with the first product to market, the ability to hire foreign professionals expeditiously can be crucial to a company's success. As the international aspects of business become more important, the role immigration plays in corporate America continues to expand. We enhance our corporate clients’ ability to operate across borders with a global workforce. Additionally, as national security concerns increase in the immigration area, we provide significant value added services to our clients by empowering them to efficiently comply with the increasing government regulatory and reporting requirements.

Corporate Immigration Law often involves two very different aspects: the need of the corporation to hire the best talent and to freely transfer personnel around the world; and the goals of the individual employee to live and work in the United States. The individual needs are often overlooked as legal service providers and companies often focus solely on the needs of the business. As U.S. immigration law becomes more restrictive, understanding the effect a business decision may have on the legal status of an individual employee is crucial. Too often, foreign workers in nonimmigrant visa status are transferred, change positions, or promoted within an organization without any attention being given to the legal consequences such acts may have. Through our unique strategic approach, we seek to identify these issues before they become a problem, allowing the corporation to protect its key assets - its employees.



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